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Valid reasons why you should work with a recognised Distributor.

APPA Promotional Product Distributors are experienced in their field. A code of conduct and a high standard of ethics are adhered to. Look for the APPA logo on the website and on all vital correspondence. An APPA Silver or APPA Gold status added to the standard blue APPA member logo means the company has earned one of the industry’s membership status upgrades which recognises longstanding credible members.

Good distributors go the extra mile for their clients. Professionalism, imagination and creativity are part and parcel of every successful promotion. Identifying the aims of the promotion and sourcing the appropriate promotional products for the program is crucial. Consideration must be given to the recipients of the promotion, the branding, the budget and the vital end result. As an experienced distributor we can help you solve problems and plan a program that reaps results.

As an experienced distributor we will listen to what you are trying to achieve and assist in finding the right product to suit your needs. Furthermore we can provide virtual samples to show how the branded product will look before you commit to order the goods. In addition you can always request a physical sample of the product so there are no surprises further down the track.

Professional distributors have access to vast product databases. Much time and energy can be spared by getting us to perform your product search. We deal with reputable importers who carry out testing to ensure products meet agreeable standards of basic safety and quality and suitability for the various print processes used in the industry.

Distributors are up to date with the latest trends and innovations and branding techniques and are therefore equipped to advise how best to decorate or brand a particular product.  A print process that was successful on one item may not necessarily print up well on a different item.
If product specifications change it is vital that the branding techniques are also revised.
We employ the services of top decorators who constantly upgrade their printing equipment and processes.
For the majority of businesses, buying promotional products is an ongoing exercise, so it is important that you have a good relationship with your distributor.  We see ourselves as part of a company’s creative team, a partner who works towards common goals and creative promotional solutions.

Whether you’re after the personal service provided with a showroom visit or the efficiency and expediency of our website you can be assured that we will cater to your needs and objectives offering creativity and recommendations with your best interests at heart.

Promotional Distributors should provide quotations that clearly state all costs relative to the order so there are no hidden costs or surprises further down the track. Setups apply where the item is printed or branded, this covers the cost of setting up the print process; this amount is often insignificant on larger orders when looking at cost per unit but can be a big component of the total cost of small jobs.

If any concerns arise our clients are at liberty to raise concerns with APPA. APPA only mediates disputes with clients who conduct business with APPA members.