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What is a Promo Product

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What is a Promotional Product?

Any tangible form of marketing used to promote a brand, event, conference or initiative

All forms of corporate and event merchandise
Point of Sale (POS)
Off set printed materials (signs, brochures, posters and fliers)
Gift with purchase (retail campaigns)
Motivation, Incentive and recognition programs
Point redemption programs (Sales incentive programs for brand managers and Fly Buys)
Trade show and conference acknowledgments
Corporate gifts and Service Anniversary programs

It’s tangible advertising and should be useful and memorable….

Source of the information is from APPA. 
The Australation Promotional Products Association.
This information is part of a power point presentation given by the APPA CEO William Kestin.
Some parts have been slightly adapted to suit New Zealand conditions.
All material Copyright 2006 William Kestin.