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APPA membership

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We are a member of the Australasian Promotional Products Association (APPA) affiliated with the International Federation of Promotional Products Associations (IFPPA).

As such, we have achieved a status within the promotional products industry that assures our clients the highest quality of products, services and creativity.

Our benchmark is promotional excellence and as APPA members we are bound to uphold a code of conduct and ethics that include;

1. Conducting activities within the highest standard of professionalism, ethics and integrity in dealing with our clients.
2. To ensure all products and services supplied meet agreeable standards of basic safety, quality and timeliness as per our terms and conditions.
3. Submitting quotations clearly stating all costs relative to any job including items such as sales tax, freight, decoration costs, preparations charges and late fees.
4. Our agreement that if concerns arise, our clients are at liberty to raise such concerns with APPA for dispute resolution and mediation. APPA only mediates disputes with clients who conduct business with APPA members. This mutual protection ensures professional standards are upheld.

It is in your interest to deal with an APPA member. We have signed a code of conduct and ethics to be accepted as APPA members and stand by the professionalism required to maintain our membership.