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Ecological Tote Bags

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Jute bags are natural, reusable and very durable. Jute Bags are ideal for promotions, exhibitions and re-sale.

Jute bags help to promote waste minimization activities and to boost environmental awareness. They are a positive choice for retailers and consumers alike. So far our customers include: farm shops & grocers, fine food manufacturers and importers, exhibition organizers, Councils, organic growers & farmers markets.

Jute is biodegradable and therefore environment friendly. On combustion, its fumes are non- toxic and produce no residue.

The production of Jute employs millions of people. Grown mainly in India, on small family plots, Jute is being used in a vast array of products from furniture to clothing and of course bags.

Cotton bags are natural, reusable and biodegradable. Cotton bags are ideal for promotions, exhibitions and re-sale.They are very popular and extremely good value.

Delivery can be achieved within a couple weeks on certain styles and quantities. For larger quantities, a price advantage will be gained by importing.

The cotton bags are available with long or short handles, with & without gussets. The standard bags are a natural beige colour & have not been bleached.

Non Woven PP Bags give the advantage of strength whilst being lightweight, which makes them the ideal packaging solution for many different products. Non Woven PP Bags are ideal for promotions, exhibitions and re-sale.

We are delighted to offer all our range of Non Woven PP Bags in any of this wide selection of colours